Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

A digital cloud based Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform designed for the next generation of air traffic management. The Avianco UTM system is digital, cloud based and takes "centralized" approach to connecting variuos stakeholders safely integrate drones into the low altitude airspace enabling to share the skies safely.

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Avianco's UTM

Enabled by cloud based SaaS, with its back-end API's and an enterprise-ready front end, Avianco's UTM system enables both individual and enterprise UAV/Drone/RPA operators alike, create flight plans compliant with country airspace regulations and local laws, check for intersections and proximity with other flight plans, traffic and weather considerations etc. Avianco's UTM allows to validate the flight plan for compliance, there by increasing the efficiency of the submission and approval processes on agencies side.

Realtime Flight Tracking and Monitoring

Avianco's UTM supports real time flight tracking and monitoring. Keep track of your operations in 2D or 3D views, also receive advanced notifications about traffic situational awareness, threat or collision detection advisories, geo-fence breach notifications, weather advisories etc.

We are working with several drone manufacturers integrate our flight tracking API into their drone firmware or flight controller software which enables Avianco's UTM to track drone position in realtime during flights.

Post Flight Logs & Analytics

Submit your flight logs post flight and be-compliant. Review all your flights in one place, flight and data analytics. We can customize dashboards per your business needs.

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