(Frequently Asked Quetions)

What is UTM and what does AviancoUTM offer?

“UTM” stands for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAV/RPAS/Drone) UAS Traffic Management. A Standard UTM may offer the following core services:

  • Registration and Identification Services
  • Flight planning and Approval Services
  • Tracking and Surveillance Services
  • Airspace Management Services
  • Operations Support Services
  • Analytics
  • Why do we need a UTM?

    With increasing popularity, personal and commercial use of drones in India, how do we ensure that all stakeholders (manned and unmanned) involved in drone operations can share the sky safely? A UTM, or an eco-system of multiple players in drone operations space are required to ensure that the operations in can be safe.

    Who is AviancoUTM for?

    AviancoUTM is Avianco’s implementation of UTM services to serve the low altitude airspace operations and management providing the above-mentioned core UTM services. Our UTM offers both a technology platform and a UTM App. UTM App is intended for individual drone pilot or operator. UTM Technology platform is a cloud-based platform with set of APIs and interfaces, on which any enterprise can build their applications. We also offer default App UI with dashboards for a certain type of enterprise customers and agencies.

    Can I use AviancoUTM to fly self-made drones?

    AviancoUTM offers several services. Depending on your specific setup of your self-made drone and customization, we expect that you can use some features of our UTM software, including Flight Planning, Approval and live tracking, Flight log compliance etc. If you need more support, contact us.

    Is AviancoUTM provides India DGCA NPNT compliance?

    AviancoUTM unique differentiation from rest of UTM providers is that we have developed our UTM software from scratch for Indian drone space. Through this effort, we have been able to incorporate DGCA CAR Operational Requirements into our UTM application. This unique feature enables our system to be more geared towards overall DGCA NPNT compliant drone operations. It also enables other stake holders like drone manufacturers to minimize the drone firmware modification to be NPNT compliant. To learn more, contact us.

    I am a hobbyist drone operator? Can I use AviancoUTM?

    Yes, you can use core features of our UTM software, including Flight Planning, Approval and live tracking, Flight log compliance etc. If you need more support, contact us. It also depends on if you are doing VLOS, EVLOS or BVLOS operations.

    What is the current status of AviancoUTM software? What if I find a bug in AviancoUTM software?

    We are currently in Beta phase. And we are continually adding more featurers. If you see any bugs in our Beta version, Report to us so we can get it fixed.

    Is it Free to use AviancoUTM?

    Our Beta version is available only on invitation. We expect that our official release AviancoUTM will have different subscription options including Free and Paid (Freemium). This is subject to change as we go.

    Is there a AviancoUTM Mobile Application for download?

    Current Beta AviancoUTM is available as a web-based application. You can access it using any web browser and any device with internet connection. It is designed to be responsive hence it should show nicely on any size of mobile device. We plan to release mobile applications through Android and iOS App store at a later stage.

    If I have any questions on AviancoUTM, who do I contact?

    E-mail us at utm@avianco.in or use website contact us form. Please make sure submit a detailed message, with a valid phone number and e-mail so our support team can contact you.