Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

A cloud based UTM platform built for drone operations enabling safer skies

Our UTM System is 100% Make In India.

100% Make In India
Indigenous UTM Solution of INDIA

Enables your drone operations to be DGCA NPNT Complaint

Plan your flight, check for DGCA confromance rules
Submit your plan and get Approvals Electronically
Submit Flight logs, all book keeping in once place

Fly your drone in VLOS or BVLOS

Track your drone realtime using our UTM maps views
Full Situational Awareness, Detect and Avoid Guidance Alerts

Industry standard APIs, following Open API specifications

Interoperable design, enabling UAV eco system
Drone manufactures integrate just a couple of our APIs, your drone is on our UTM
A digital cloud based Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform designed for the next generation of air traffic management. The Avianco UTM system is digital, cloud based and takes "centralized" approach to connecting variuos stakeholders safely integrate drones into the low altitude airspace enabling to share the skies safely
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Why our UTM ?

Our UTM offers features including

  1. UAS Identification (Software based Remote ID capability)
  2. Airspace Authorization (Flight Planning Approval etc)
  3. Enables NPNT Compliance through Operating requirements and restrictions compliance
  4. Real-time Tracking (Web / App based views for realtime tracking, situational awareness, fleet management)
  5. Geo Fencing (compliance with DGCA)
  6. Situational Awareness (Traffic, Weather, Terrain situational awareness)
  7. Conflict Advisories (Traffic Collision and Avoidance[TCAS] guidance to flight controllers/operators)
  8. Flight Logs (compliance with DGCA)
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Who is it for ?

Drone Pilots(Individual & Enterprise)

Prepare flight plans, validate conformance to Airspace rules and regulations, local laws. Track your drone realtime using our interactive map. Fly safely using situational awareness and collision avoidance alerts.


Manufacturers & System Integrators

Utilize our platform API to access data from our Database, and integrate into UTM ecosystem.
Build your own custom application.
Enable your Drones to be NPNT Compliant


Govt Agencies & Authorities

Government agencies can access necessary information on any UAV based on their unique identification (UIN) using our interactive maps or API

How it works ?
Drone manufactures can integrate just a few of our APIs into their Flight Controller or Ground Control Station Software. That is all, your drone is ready to be used on our UTM System
For Drone Owners (Enterprise operators or Individual), it's as simple as you register on any website or mobile app. Once you are logged in, you have several capabilities that will amaze you flying your drone.